Organized Power

Organized Power provides technology, training and consulting to empower working communities.

Author: Organized Power

Organized Power delivers technology, training and consulting services to empower working communities. We help you make connections, collaborate, and strengthen relationships with colleagues, community organizations and neighborhood businesses. Our technology lets you to seamlessly interact with coworkers, supervisors, customers and others within and outside your organization.

Power is all about building and maintaining relationships. Building robust, collaborative working relationships unites the ideas and concerns of everyday working people into a single, powerful voice. Organized Power brings you the tools necessary to build strong working relationships and step into new possibilities.

Free & Available

Organized Power is a technology consultant and service provider. We develop, customize and deploy carefully selected collaborative technologies, and to train people how to use them. Our clients include small businesses, union organizers, social service agencies and community organizations.

Organized Power focuses on identifying free or freely available technologies that individuals and groups within a given community can use to assist them with their organizing goals and community building efforts.

What is organized power?

Organized Power is about using collaborative technology to make connections and build relationships.

    Organized Power is about building
  • community
  • solidarity
  • communication
  • connection
  • collaboration
  • focus
  • and
  • relationships

Organized Power is about you!

Organized Power’s overarching goal is to assist people within the community in making use of freely available technologies for the purpose of bringing people together to meet, plan, communicate, collaborate, get things done and enjoy each other’s company.